Acid Lining

Stonchem 658 is a 100% solid, high performance epoxy and heavy duty lining system. It is applied at a nominal thickness of 3mm.

The base coat liquids are reinforced with a fiberglass cloth that will reinforce the system in order to resist the stresses which are caused by cracks

The heavily broadcasted aggregate topcoat, which is over the fiberglass scrim cloth, will help protect the fabric by providing a wear layer that adds durability and abrasion resistance to the system - more than a typical reinforced lining system.

Stonchem 658 has excellent resistance to sulphuric acid, up to 30%, costic acids and normal CIP cleaning acids - excellent resistance to chemical attack - excellent abrasion and impact resistance - exceptional thermal shock resistance - superior bonding qualities - high cohesive strength and flexibility - low permeability - low odour - colours available include light grey and red.

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