Concrete Floor Repairs

Concrete Floor Repairs

Fast Repair in High Traffic Areas

- Cementitious Repair Mortar Highway Patch is a one-component, fast-setting hydraulic cement material ideal for horizontal patching of concrete in traffic areas.
- Cementitious Repair Mortar Highway Patch provides resistance to oil, grease, gasoline, salts and other chemicals found in the transportation environment.

  • thaw resistance.
  • resistant to salts.
  • cold weather installation .
  • coarse aggregate extension.
  • adjustable working time.
  • suitable for cold room repairs.
  • Five Star Structural Concrete Plus Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors

    One component formulated with MCI for rebar corrosion protection. High three-hour strengths.  Very low chloride ion permeability high bond strength.

  • general repair of concrete structures.
  • rapid machinery foundation rebuilds.
  • fast repairs for coatings.
  • concrete floor toppings and overlays.
  • mci not affected by chlorides in concrete.
  • mci extends life of repairs.

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