Floor Drainage/Trap Systems

ROFO is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel drainage products and grease traps to many industries. These include the catering, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The extensive product range covers floor drains, commercial floor drains as well as industrial floor drains.

Industrial Floor Drains
Industrial Floor Drains' range has been developed for use in hygiene sensitive areas and/or corrosive environments. They combine advanced design, high quality and ease of installation.

Industrial Floor Drains are widely used for the drainage of floor areas and/or discharge appliances in Food & Beverage Industries Pharmaceutical Industries, Automotive Industries etc. Chemical Industries Industrial Floor Drains may be provided with filter baskets to intercept discharged solids and heavy duty lids or gratings to accept fork-lift truck loadings are suitable for concrete or wooden floors with tiled or vinyl.


Commercial Floor Drains
Rofo Floor Drains' range is an extensive and versatile range of floor drains (gullies), suitable for light and medium duty loading which combine advanced design and ease of installation.


All ROFO products are manufactured of Stainless Steel.
Stainless steel is clean, durable, stain and corrosion resistant. It is a long lasting material which is ideally suited for buildings with a design life expectancy of over fifty years. All stainless steel have inherent corrosion resistance but the austenitic group have greater resistance.
ROFO Stainless steel products are manufactured from high-grade austenitic stainless steel in grade AISI 304, suitable for most environments, and AISI 316 suitable for corrosive environments such as marine locations or high chloride levels (e.g. swimming pools).


ROFO products are chemically de-scaled (acid pickled) in order to enhance the resistance, and provide a uniform, matt silver finish. All surfaces are polished and smooth for easy cleaning, minimum dirt collection and high flow rates.
Being of high quality finish, ROFO products are also used where an aesthetically pleasing appearance is of paramount importance.


All products are manufactured to our stringent quality control procedures DIN 19 599.

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