Seamless Flooring

Seamless Epoxy flooring, Polyurethane screed and coatings for the industrial, commercial, food and beverage industries.

Whether the application is Epoxy flooring or Polyurethane flooring,  we ensure that the correct methods and products are utilised to achieve the required flooring standards and finish.

Epoxy Flooring
Stonlux SL/SA is specifically designed for those interior applications where a smooth, seamless, dense, impervious finish with good chemical resistance is required. Stonlux SL/SA is a logical choice in applications such as clean rooms, laboratories and electronic assembly areas. The easy cleaning and low maintenance of the system lends itself to dry processes in the food and packaging industry, dining halls, hospitals and correctional facilities.

  • seamless, free-flowing impervious 2-3mm flooring system
  • superior impact
  • toughness & chemical resistance
  • cost-effective alternative to vinyl and ceramic tiles - easy cleaning
  • aesthetically pleasing surface which can be made decorative with stonflake contrasting colour.

    StonShield SLT
    Seamless, free-flowing slip resistant 3mm floor system. It is colour fast and decorative with a tweed appearance aggregate. Stonshield is a cost-effective alternative to tiles.

    This product is engineered with a textured surface for slip resistance in commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for use in: research facilities, correctional institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, educational facilities and a wide variety of light manufacturing areas. Dependent on ease of cleanability and slip resistant frequency, the sealer is applied at a thickness that will produce the desired texture


    Polyurethane Urea Mortar System UT / UTS 4-6mm           

    This seamless flooring system, popular for its low maintenance properties, has an excellent thermal shock resistance and a temperature cycling range of -40°C to an intermittent of 121°C and a continuous of 93°C. It is resistant to high impact, chemicals and abrasion, with a compressive strength of 53.2Mpa and porosity of 0.056% (Like that of a porcelain tile).

    This is available in a variety of pigmented colour options for the sealer coat UT.
    For UTS we have a colour-sand aggregate with a clear sealer for a more aesthetically appealing look.

    Due to its high chemical resistance, this product can be applied in tanker offloading bays (24ton truck, horse and trailer bays); production areas (exposed to CIP, water and other chemicals); and any food processing facility (dairy, meat processing, bottling plants and CIP rooms).

    This system has successfully been installed on top of old Gail ceramic floor tiles, the removal of which is not always necessary. This is only possible where the old tile inbedding system was used as an installation method. (NOTE: Please see tile inbedding in specialized systems to verify your tiled flooring system). This system cannot be applied where the tiles were fixed with conventional tile glues, as the curling / curing of the Polyurethane will separate the bond between the conventional tile installation and the concrete substrate. An inspection of the existing tiled floor is required to ensure that no hollow or contaminated areas exist prior to installation. In instances where such areas occurs, repairs are done with a highway repair non-shrinking quick setting mortar (1 hour).

    Polyurethane Urea Cement Self Leveling Industrial Floor    UL   3-4mm   

    The base of the UL is of the same family of UT and UTS. A principal use of Stoneclad UL is specifically designed for those applications where fast installation, smooth, dense chemical resistant with unsurpassed adhesion is required.  A functional floor with non uniform appearance which blends to a semi sheen finish overtime.

  • non uniformed mottled finish
  • seamless
  • self leveling floor
  • superior impact and chemical resistant
  • Available in a variety of colours.

    Areas of Application

  • Excellent in warehouse areas conducive to heavy forklift traffic
  • Downstream dry packing areas
  • bakeries
  • canteen areas
  • passages
  • hospitals etc

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    Epoxy Concrete Sealers- StonSeal 787   

    Easy cleaning, good colour stability clear coating. It is a universal application on flooring systems, with an excellent chemical and stain resistance.

    StonSeal is a floor coating which can be used on workshop floors, police cells, ablution blocks, walkways, food processing plants, hospitals and schools.

    Resistance: Weather: the coating will chalk and discolour Water and most salt solutions: Excellent resistance to splash, spillage and immersion up to 60°C.

    Other concrete coating systems available are anti-dust coatings for warehouses, and concrete surface hardeners/ densifiers.”

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