Tile In-Bedding

Tile-inbedding is a single installation process. It is a specialised industrial, acid proof & non slip tile.

Chemicals included in the composite will aid the bonding process and add waterproofing properties to the sub-system.

The floor construction is built to falls. All surface heights are set with dumpy levels and falls are calculated to the minimum requirement of 1:100. All drain points are set 30mm above substrate and can be built up to as much as 220mm, to the highest point of the segmented system (falls).

The surface finish is a specialised industrial acid-proof, non-slip tile. Manufactured in Germany and Brazil , the high tensile full porcelain body tile is 250 x 115mm in size. Densities range between 10, 14 and 18mm with a porosity of 0.5%, compared to other ceramics of between 3-6% porosity on the same scale. A 200 x 200 x 12.5mm tile is available with the same properties and a grid surface pattern or a smooth surface with nonslip properties.

New tile connection joints are sealed with Epoxy and Silica, high in chemical resistance, and anti-fungal and bacterial properties which are food grade safe as per industry standards

Maintenance of Tile In-Bedding

All maintenance operations, will be managed around the  factories production. All our machinery includes water based diamond saw cutters, enabling dust free repairs.
Water retaining walls are built around the repairs area, to ensure there is no water contamination to repairs. To ensure longevity of our flooring systems, 4Floors offers a maintenance plan and regular floor audits to ensure major expense repairs are kept to a minimum.

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